i crave more than anything a partner who i can share my thoughts with. someone who can hold an intellectual conversation, someone with different views as my own who can open my mind to new possibilities. someone who i can stay up all night with talking about anything and everything with no limitations, someone with random quirks and weird reasons behind them. someone who can be spontaneous like me who i can go on adventures with, yet also be perfectly content with spending a night in and cuddling up to a movie on netflix. someone who understands and appreciates my weird sense of humor, and reciprocates this as well. idk, i just need someone smart who asks me about my day because they want to know how i’m doing, not just because they feel obligated to ask. i want someone who can show me new things, and i want someone who wants all these qualities in me as well.

need more friends who i can have intellectual conversations with/rant to about life

only took me two days to get over you and i think that really says something

this feels so shitty ):

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